Shrine Darling - Silver and Gold Plate

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darling gold and silver back for web.jpg
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Darling gold and silver old-photos-style.jpg

Shrine Darling - Silver and Gold Plate


Part of the Shrine pendant range this is the Darling design in silver and gold plate.

Enshrine the memories of those you hold dear and keep them close. These elegant open locket pendants frame your affections, memories and the sentiments you wish to cherish; whether in the form of a photograph, a pressed flower, or a lock of hair. Influenced by holy shrines and historic reliquaries, these visual tokens of love fulfil the age-old desire to keep a loved one close to one’s heart. These statement necklaces invite adoration with their striking geometry, inspired by spaces and objects of worship from different cultures.

Available in three distinct designs ‘Dearest’, ‘Beloved’ and ‘Darling’ the pendant is the keeper of stories and a timeless symbol of their permanence. Both simple to compose and customise, the pendant allows it’s wearer to curate and reveal infinite sentiments.

Photo Printing:
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All of our jewellery is made to order as such, we do not accept returns or issue refunds.

Please allow up to four weeks for your purchase to be delivered as each piece is made to order.

If you’d like us to print a selection of photos for your Shrine pendant we are more than happy to do so. We offer up to three miniature photo prints that will fit your pendant perfectly and allow you to change and customise your Shrine easily and as frequently as you like.

Once you have purchased your necklace please send up to three photographs to along with your order reference number and we will send you proofs for confirmation.

Photo Guidelines

  • Please send your image as a Jpeg/Jpg
  • The image quality will depend on the size and resolution of your image so high resolution images are always preferable.
  • We will size and crop portraits so that the face is centered in the frame as depicted in our product shots.
  • If you have a photo with numerous subjects (such as a family portrait) please give clear instructions of what you would like to be in the frame. Please bear in mind that image will be small and so large group photos are not as suitable.
  • Please send your photos to us as soon as possible so that we can prepare your Shrine pendant to send out to you. If we have not received your photo after 48 hours we may send your Shrine without your photos. If you haven’t decided on your photos at the time of ordering don’t worry, you will be able to redeem your photo printing at a later date (within 2 months of ordering) by emailing us with your photos and order reference number.

The pendant measures (approx):

Height: 35mm
Width: 49mm
Depth: 5mm

Length of Chain (clasp to pendant): 35cm

Weight: 30g

When the pendant is not being worn, it is recommended that it is stored in it’s box with the chain tucked away from the pendant in the way that it came in order to avoid scratches and damage.

The pendant comes with a clear plastic insert to protect it’s contents and is backed by a piece of oiled walnut to hold your memory firmly in place. In order to insert your photo/ memento, simply slide the wooden back up to remove it, place your item behind the protective plastic and slide the wood back into place.

General Jewellery Care

  • Remove your jewellery when exercising, cleaning, gardening, or any other physical work.
  • Try to keep your jewellery away from harsh cosmetics such as perfumes, soaps and lotions. These will cause for gold plating to erode and silver to tarnish at a much faster rate.
  • Take rings off when washing your hands and showering. Apply perfume and lotions before you put on your jewellery.
  • Jewellery should be taken off before entering a pool, shower or sea.