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'Hoyz' ring collection by Chloe Lee Carson

Home is where the heart has always been


Inspired by beautifully ornate, antique Jewish wedding rings, this unique collection of rings by Chloe Lee Carson feature wonderful miniature palaces, castles and temples. These architectural symbols traditionally represented the temple in Jerusalem as well as the marital home of the new couple. The detailed house or 'hoyz’ in yiddish was a symbol of love, harmony and holiness. The Hoyz collection aims to revive the house ring as a universal symbol of love, repurposed for every occasion.


The historical  house rings were popular throughout European Jewish communities between the 14-17th centuries and used during the wedding ceremony. The extravagant craftsmanship made each ring an exceptional work of art and so few families could afford their own. In many cases one ring would be owned and shared by an entire community. The house ring tradition eventually fell out of fashion and by the 20th century it had become almost unheard of in Jewish communities and now many Jewish people remain unaware of this custom having ever existed.


Wanting to bring back the house ring,  renewed as an all inclusive symbol of love for every occasion, Chloe advocates “whether as a treasure for yourself, a gift for a special person or a stunning alternative engagement ring these beautiful rings are too special to be forgotten. ”


The Hoyz rings are beautiful statement pieces of jewellery yet designed to be worn. Combining historical origins with contemporary style, these updated designs strike a perfect balance of new yet old.


The collection consists of three different designs, titled ‘Castle’, ‘Palace’ and ‘Sanctuary’, each available in four different finishes; silver (£200.00), silver with gold plated details (£250.00), oxidized silver and gold plated details (£250.00) as well as solid 18 karat gold (£1400.00). All are available from


The Hoyz range has been meticulously modelled by highly skilled hands and uses the best of British Jewellery manufacturing to produce them in quality materials to a high finish.

Chloe Lee Carson has always relished traditional symbolism and time-honoured craftsmanship. Her collections seek to translate historic treasures into contemporary keepsakes. Chloe’s late grandfather was an antiques dealer and weekly visits to grandmothers attic always proved fascinating. Inspired by her miscellany of antiques and curiosities, Chloe creates pieces that you want to cast your eye upon for just that little bit longer. Her designs are both familiar yet different; drawing inspiration from different times and cultures, the objects, ideas and icons that we adorn and surround ourselves with and the stories they tell.

Contact: Chloe Lee Carson,, 07982196435,

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